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Studying with IDI has been both challenging and rewarding. Throughout my studies, I have explored different areas of illustration from book cover designs, poster concepts, exhibition displays, editorial illustrations and surface pattern designs. The latter was an area that I had never explored before, nor even really considered.

Through the process of working on some self-initiated briefs, I had potentially discovered a new direction for my career path. I was developing an interest in designing textiles.

With the help of IDI, at the end of my studies, I believe I have begun a journey of building a foundation where I can continue to establish my brand and style in surface pattern design.

If I continue to put in the effort and discipline that it will take to create some rewarding textile patterns and designs, who knows what might be around the corner!

4 thoughts on “Sian Smith

  1. This looks so cool. You have such a great eye for colours and fabrics and how to put them together. It is going to be really interesting to see what exciting developments happen next.

  2. Oh Sian. I am SO in awe of your dedication and focus. I remember you at the beginning- and look how FAR you’ve come. HUGE congratulations Sian Judy x

  3. Wonderful to witness the evolution of your talents through this process, which shows great flair, great imagination and great
    We are intrigued to see where the next steps will take you

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