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Sonja Coles

I enjoy working with traditional materials and digital technology, drawing inspiration from both the natural world and the lives of everyday people for my degree project work.

Intrigued by the endurance of fairy tales over the ages and their history as cautionary tales, I explored the theme of ‘Wonder and Caution’ for my final major project. Drawing on fragmented memories to contemplate the imaginative world of childhood and mindful of the current fragility of wildflower meadows and subsequent bee decline, I used a subtle blend of drawing, photography, paper-cut and digital collage to produce a set of animation stills for video and a published photo book of images.

The layered imagery and soft tonality of the work presents an atmospheric kaleidoscope of dreamlike memories, presenting a mirage of nature where size and scale are fluid and characters disappear and reappear creating a subtle and evocative narrative for the viewer.

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