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Sonya Lee

Fine Art Courses
IDI Featured: Environmental Impact

I am a visual artist who uses different techniques and media to discover the simple details that often go unnoticed in the city.

By contrasting what I see through my photographs with what I perceive through my emotions, this work titled “Life is Full of Cracks”, focuses on the fractures on which we walk. Gaps that relate to the journey of life that we repair while we keep moving forward.

Through my photographs, linked to realism, I reproduce the space created by the wounds which leads to delicate drawings and sculptures that convey the emotions generated; A dialogue that wants to express, and remember, the importance of marks we leave behind; of the beauty sometimes forgotten.

Each stroke of life affects us, each caress, marks a unique and indescribable fissure that we often cannot see but leaves an exclusive essence about how we are.

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