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Steffi Griffin

BA (Hons) Graphic Design
IDI Featured: Environmental Impact

Previous to my studies, much of my experience in the field of graphic design focused on brand and packaging. A deeper exploration of wider cultural contexts during my studies has fuelled and strengthened my creative work to focus on briefs directed towards positive change (for the community and the environment).

My passion for sustainable design has led to my own unique creative approach that combines sustainable design processes with traditional medium exploration to deliver user-centred, appropriate and industry-relevant design outcomes.

Under the theme of ‘symbiosis’ my Final Major Project aims to change the relationship between consumer and the beauty industry by encouraging sustainable beauty behaviours and the recycling of beauty packaging.

Taking inspiration from the use of body paint in contemporary design trends and applying a bio-mimetic design approach, I created a social media campaign identity, animation, website and recycle pack concept.

The other two projects further present my passion for positive change with an endangered species awareness campaign and UI design, and an environmentally aware printer typeface.

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