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“I have been a keen photographer since childhood, and, after concentrating on contemporary family portraiture, I decided to specialise solely in equine photography in 2012, which allowed me to combine my two passions of horses and photography.

“Throughout the degree, I have sought to relate it to my own professional practice, and I have therefore included equine context wherever possible, meaning that I have photographed horses in many of the projects, allowing me to grow my existing professional portfolio.

“My early final year work included a project based in an equine rescue sanctuary and also a horse-racing project. My self-negotiated Degree Major Project, inspired by a pre-Raphaelite painting, was to produce a series of 12 images, each looking at a different contemporary social issue – for example, depression and homelessness – and photographing them in my own unique way, which, of course, meant including horses.

“More details of my professional work are available at my website at