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Susan Alex Percival

BA (Hons) Illustration

Susan Alex Percival is a student on the BA (Hons) Illustration course. She was initially introduced to the possibility of studying an art degree online by a friend who explained to her how online study worked. Susan already had to split her time between working and taking care of her family, and had ruled out an attendance based course; the possibility of a flexible online course that lead to a qualification from the University of Hertfordshire appealed. Now settled into the online BA (Hons) Illustration course, she has found that being able to choose where and when she studies, as well as the reduced fees, is just what she was looking for:

“If I couldn’t do this course online I wouldn’t be able to do it. This is such a wonderful opportunity for me, I am so happy to be doing this now.”

Susan has always been interested in art and design, but when she was younger felt that it wasn’t the right time to pursue her talent:

“After school, I didn’t have the confidence to follow my art career, and as I felt financially insecure I did not attend university and sought well-paid work instead.”

However, her interest in art never went away:

“I believe I have always been an illustrator at heart and it took years for me to realise this, as I only began to pursue art again 10 years ago.”

Susan began studying a degree in Humanities online but soon decided that it she really wanted to do a more practical course. After searching for an online course that was focussed on the creation of art, and not just the theory, she found the perfect opportunity in the BA (Hons) Illustration course delivered by IDI:

“I researched very thoroughly, even internationally, and finally settled on what I believe is the very best course available. I’m actually really proud to be one of their students and I am excited to be working towards my degree.”

So far Susan has found the course to be just the challenge she was looking for:

“I am always happy to be doing the studies; it doesn’t seem to matter what aspect or module. To be studying illustration is a dream come true, so that’s what is enjoyable.”

Despite the difficulties of time management and finding some of the coursework to be challenging, Susan has found that the IDI tutors and Student Support team have always been very helpful:

“The tutors are great, I feel like they are very connected to where I am at. I feel understood.”

Studying illustration online with IDI has already given her the confidence boost she needed to begin planning for a future career in the art and design industry:

“I would like to re-launch myself as an illustrator and earn my living with that. I would like to have a thriving internet based business and possibly one of my own illustrated books published.”

For anyone considering studying art and design degree online with IDI, Susan believes there is no time like the present:

“After you have taken account of your time and the commitment online study requires, I would say: Do it!”

“If do find yourself on a course, never give up. There’s support and there is always a way to get through. You really have to be ready to get on a roller coaster, so if you get on, stay on for the whole ride.”