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Sylwia Szwarczewska

Photography Courses

Sylwia Szwarczewska is studying the BA (Hons) Photography course from the University of Hertfordshire, delivered 100% online by IDI. She hopes that the advanced photography skills she acquires during her studies will help her launch a successful career as a professional photographer.

“I started to take photography seriously three and a half years ago when my daughter was born. I was taking pictures of her all the time and had a lot of opportunities to photograph other children at that time. I received a lot of positive feedback so I decided to take my photography to a different level.

“I began with basic photography courses, but none of them made me feel satisfied afterwards. In comparison, the BA (Hons) Photography course with IDI is a ‘proper’ course which gives students a Bachelor of Arts degree title, not just a basic certificate. As I now want to do photography professionally, I feel like this course will contribute to my photographic career. It will also be evidence for my future customers that I have taken the subject seriously and I am passionate about what I do.

“Studying online was the only option I could consider as a mum and part-time worker. I was surprised with the number of activities during each semester, which definitely requires a lot of persistence and self-discipline in order to keep up with the programme. This course, however, gives a lot of flexibility so I can always find time to study, even if I am away from home. I’ve also received a lot of support from my tutors who have guided me through the modules.

“All my tutors have been really helpful. I think having regular contact is a very important part of this type of study. I have found my tutor’s advice and hints very helpful and reflective and I have never had to wait too long for their reply.

“I hope that in ten years my newborn photography will be ‘my bread and butter’ work. I also hope to be recognised for my pictures and have an audience of satisfied customers. I wish to establish a good reputation with my business and gain a lot of recommendations from existing customers.

“If you are considering studying photography online with IDI, then stop thinking about it and do it. You will get a lot of help, if necessary. You can study whenever you want – even if you are an ‘owl’, ‘morning bird’ or ‘globetrotter’ (as long as you have internet access). If it’s possible for me, then anyone can do it.”