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My ethos as an illustrator is to incorporate a drop of magic into every piece. I am highly influenced and inspired by the charm and magic of fairy tales, fantasy and the way that an illustration or image can open up a window into an alternate universe. I enjoy creating pop-up style pieces and scenes infused with lighting to create vivid and eye-catching designs to entice the imagination of children and adults alike.

I have chosen to display a selection of my projects which I think clearly demonstrate this belief and feeling, that an illustration isn’t just a drawing, but is a way of visualising to others a second world that they can explore through the use of imagination, dreams, a childlike belief, and of course ‘a drop of magic’.

Tamsin’s stunning visuals reveal the unique beauty of children’s fairy tales as well as the often sinister side of these stories. I love the play of light and dark that brings the characters to life, and powerfully captures the magic that sustains these stories in imaginations long after childhood has passed.
Emma Dutton
Academic Development Coordinator

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