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My work is heavily influenced by Japanese design as I’m half-Japanese and always surrounded by it. My final major project is a series of Japanese mini books aimed at Westerners called “Japanology”.

Using a hybrid of contemporary kawaii pop culture and historic ukiyo-e aesthetic I aimed to create a style that is both unique and quirky. The books are short and easily digestible with interesting information in the topic areas of Culture, Religion and Technology. My dissertation was on Japanese aesthetics – that really helped me to expand my knowledge for my studio practice.

Other highlights were my “Panda’s Box” logo and branding for an oriental children’s arts & craft supplier, “Japan Chapter” for a World Folktales book illustrating the story of Yuki-onna by Lafcadio Hearn and my “Mental Health for All” branding, web design and poster for a Japanese mental health campaign. I have immensely enjoyed this journey of self-discovery and achieved a portfolio that really reflects my personal style and who I am.

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