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Themis Koromazidis

BA (Hons) Graphic Design
Poster for Tomorrow Award

In my Final Major Project I designed an Adidas campaign for the D&AD New Blood Awards 2019. The aim of the campaign “Think Act Win” is to motivate teenage female athletes to engage with boxing, while helping them to overcome the challenges they face, like the lack of time, lack of infrastructure, lack of access and lack of funding. The campaign includes a series of posters that promote female boxing and encourage the target audience to be methodical, confident and creative in sports but also in their lives. An application will be the platform for a more easy, more secure and more economical way to play boxing, creating strong bonds and engaging its members, while promoting the sport through the social media.

Commit to the Paris Agreement: Poster design for a competition launched by the “Poster for tomorrow”. The brief was requesting to create a poster that communicates the dangers of the global warming increase and push the politicians to commit to the Paris agreement. Both posters were in the top 100 and were part of the exhibition that took place in Paris.

Ocyan water Bottle: Branding, packaging design and poster design for a company producing bottled water. The aim of the designs was to communicate the values of sustainability and protection of the oceans which are polluted by plastic with serious risks for the sea life and the humans.

The Grown Up Chocolate Company: Branding and Packaging Design for the new “free from” series for The Grown Up Chocolate Company. The aim of the design was to communicate a sense of fitness and health, but keeping the values of the brand and a feeling of nostalgia.

Solen: Branding & Packaging Design for an imaginary company manufacturing batteries. The packaging works as a solar charger when open. The branding and the packaging design focus on sustainability and promote the sensitivity of the company to ecological issues.

Packaging Design for the Royal Opera. The aim of the design was to promote the values of the Japanese culture and provide information about the Kabuki theatre to the guests, in a unique and engaging way.

My full Online Portfolio is available via the link above.

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