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Thomas Blanc de la Carrere

Photography Courses

“My name is Andy Blanko and I use professional portrait and street photography as a visualisation tool in my exercise of Cinematic Psytography – a counselling practice aimed at personal development. I help my clients to take control over their current life circumstances and to start living life in a truly deep and meaningful way.

“By means of photography, I materialise personal visions of my clients in images to support the psychological change within them and the setting of life goals. Through visualization I enable my clients to put their thoughts in order, to maximize their best inner potential and to realise their happiest self.

“The images presented here show the four stages of the Cinematic Psytography: Awakening, from my Degree Major Project, and Awareness, Visualisation and Alignment from my earlier work. To learn more about Cinematic Psytography, please feel free to visit my website – and to connect with me on Facebook and Instagram.”