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I have been working as an FF&E, kitchens and wardrobe designer. By studying at IDI, I have acquired vital knowledge and gained experience in a wider design spectrum. I am most interested in contemporary architecture and design, although classic design does appeal to me and I often incorporate classic designs in my work too. I am inspired by paintings and sculptures and other artistic expression, such as dance. I strive to design sustainable designs which combine the needs of the client with an awareness of the potential environmental impact.

My project, the “Container of Art”, is designed to house contemporary art exhibitions. The existing building, located in the town of East Anglia, has been brought to life and transformed into a gallery-museum space that respects the site and setting in this project. I explored selected art media to develop this design. Contemporary paintings helped me to identify the context for the proposed design project and formed the contemporary approach to the art gallery design. Additional spaces such as the learning environment, café and retail space were created to make the gallery a varied and functional site in the town where different social activities can be combined.

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