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Wasan Abod

MA Interior Design
IDI Featured: Social Awareness

I am an architect living and working in Stockholm, Sweden. I was born and raised in Iraq and lived my life between Iraq, Jordan and Sweden. I belong to both worlds; the East and West and enjoy bringing out the best of these two worlds through the sort of eclectic architectural style that I have developed.

My Master’s Project is about renovating a deserted gas plant, called Värta Gasverket, in Stockholm and turn it into an urban oasis where people of different backgrounds, ethnicities, and ages can meet up and interact socially. The project also aims to empower minority groups and neglected groups in the society, such as unemployed immigrants, and eventually establish new bonds with their new homeland: Sweden.

This project is inspired by both Arabic and European architecture and adhering to concepts like The Central Courtyard, Arabic Finaa’, Industrial Architecture, and Sustainable Architecture, to name a few. The project includes a spa, a series of cafés, restaurants, workshops, art exhibitions and venues, a swap market, a roof and below-skylight garden, and an outdoor cinema. The space aims to facilitate informal gatherings that can be easily accessed by the local community and “booked” to give chance for new talents to emerge, and to provide year-round entertainment for the locals.

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