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Yahaboob Adiparambil

MA Interior Design
IDI Featured: 3D Design

I am Yahaboob Shah, Working in 4Space Design Dubai as Senior Interior Designer as well as Project Manager. I started my career in interior design as a visualiser in early 2007. Since then, I have worked with many designers and other professionals and has been able to create a remarkable portfolio in the industry of interior design. I am technically passionate interior designer with strong conceptual design, planning and presentation skills. I am highly experienced in electronic design and technology, proficient with integrating concepts and capable to deliver high-end design solutions.

My Master’s Major Final Project is to design a VIP seating lounge for UAE pavilion in the EXPO 2020 – Dubai. The UAE National Pavilion, as Host Pavilion for Expo 2020, will welcome guests from around the globe to its Guest Experience and will also a primary platform to host a diverse spectrum of VIP officials and special guests. Given the diversity of anticipated VIP visitor demographics, compounded with varied diplomatic and cultural requirements, including language barriers, human interest and social statures. The facilities are required to “convey an equally warm Emirati welcome” to each and every guest and allow the Host and Protocol teams to address and respond any multi-cultural requirement or unforeseen guest request.

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