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How Online Study Works


Studying art and design courses online has several benefits over studying at attendance based institutions. In case you find it difficult to picture how it all works, here is a quick guide…


Our unique study website, IDI-Study, has been designed specifically for the delivery of visual subjects, where numerous images can be viewed and exchanged.

Within IDI-Study, you’ll have your very own secure online studio where you can:

  • Log in at any time
  • Access your learning materials
  • Benefit from unlimited one-to-one tuition, feedback and support
  • Communicate with fellow students within secure online forums
  • Participate in self and peer-based evaluation of your creative work
  • Receive feedback and module grades
  • Receive announcements and reminders from tutors and support staff

There are no real-time lectures or tutorials, instead you’ll work through a variety of carefully planned practical and theory-based projects and activities in your own time.

At regular intervals you’ll be prompted to upload examples of your work in progress for your tutor to view and comment on. You’ll be notified with an email alert when your tutor has responded to your work.

Our tutors are online regularly between Monday and Friday and will normally respond to any student messages within 24 hours.


You will also have access to StudyNet, the University of Hertfordshire’s intranet. Here you’ll have access to a variety of additional digital resources specific to your course. You will also receive your assessment results on StudyNet.


There are no formal exams – all assessments are coursework-based. In each semester you will work towards completing set briefs. These will outline what you need to submit for assessment by a given deadline.

You will also be required to complete a self-evaluation with each submission. This gives you the chance to consider what each module has taught you and what you can take forward to future modules.

For all practical assessment work you upload you will have to include evidence of research, development and compliance with the module’s learning outcomes.


You will have the freedom to manage your own learning around fixed semester start dates and assessment submission dates. All semesters consist of twelve weeks of study, followed by four weeks of assessment processes.

Within your online studio, you are provided with a list of all the activities you need to complete to cover the learning for each module. You’re also given an indication of where you should be within the module during each week.

All activities have suggested durations to help keep you on track, but you can also discuss time management with your tutors or your Student Support Advisor as often as you need to ensure you don’t fall behind.


You will be encouraged to interact with your fellow students within our forums – participation can be informal or part of an assessment.

Each module has at least one dedicated forum for general discussion between students. Tutors also participate in other forums relating to course materials, allowing for more formal discussions around specific topics.

You are also able to start new forums if there is a particular subject you wish to discuss with your peers.


In addition to your ongoing interaction with your tutors, the IDI Student Support Team are here to help you every step of the way, and if you encounter any technical difficulties, the IDI Technical Support Team will be happy to advise you.

You can message both teams directly from within IDI-Study, and they’re also available to speak to you directly by telephone during office hours.

Have we answered your questions? Visit the Courses page for specific details or contact one of our Admissions Advisors for more information.

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