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Student-focused Design

We’ve gathered feedback from students, tutors and our Student Support team to inform the design of our new study site – ensuring the smoothest and most efficient experience for you, the student.

The site has been developed by our in-house Web Team, so the very people who built the site are on-hand to provide technical support to our students, if needed.

Innovative Online Study

Our in-house experts have worked in education for over thirty years, and have been eLearning pioneers since the inception of IDI over ten years ago.

Although we were one of the first to provide design courses online, we haven’t relied solely on this to keep up our reputation. Here at IDI, we continuously innovate to ensure we remain at the forefront of eLearning technologies.

IDI-Study’s Innovative Features:


The Dashboard is your personal hub for organising your studies. It includes a calendar, task list, notifications stream and an overview of other students studying on the programme with you:

  • The Calendar allows you to add both personal and study deadlines and sync to your own calendar on any device
  • We have also provided a Tasks list which is your own personal to do list
  • My Cohort gives a snapshot of other students studying on the programme with you: you will be able to view their profile to find out more about them
  • Notifications will appear in the top right when you receive a message in the Tutorial area, in messages or when you receive a reply from one of your posts in the Forums

Learning Path

Your learning materials for each module are set out in a Learning Path. The materials have been specifically designed to guide your learning and are divided into easy to digest sections. Each Learning Path contains:

  • Engaging course materials
  • Technical video tutorials
  • Inspiring briefs

You can refer to your support materials at any time – there is a bookmark function that allows you to mark your place.

You will upload your assessment work directly into the corresponding section of the Learning Path and be able to see when a tutor has reviewed your work – a tick will appear to confirm that you have completed the task satisfactorily, or they will message you in the Tutorial area with feedback on how to improve your submission in order to pass the module.

Three Communication Areas


Upload and receive constructive feedback on visual work-in-progress from your peers


Express your opinions openly and interact with your tutors and your fellow students


One-to-one communication with your tutor – upload work directly for tutor feedback

The Studio

The Studio area serves a similar purpose as a real-world studio; a space to display your art and visual design work for others to view. This is where you will upload any visual work-in-progress and receive directed constructive feedback from your peers to help you further develop your ideas. You will use this area to work on collaborative projects with your fellow students.

You will also be able to view and comment on the work of your fellow students, helping them to develop their own work, as you gain valuable insights into different approaches and perspectives.

The Forums

The Forums allow you to express your opinions openly and interact with your tutors and fellow students.

Forum discussions are an opportunity to explore creative concepts on a more intellectual level. Here you will have the opportunity to discuss and critique the work of other artists, assess the value of new theories or techniques, and share useful insights and resources found through research-based activities.

Your Tutorial Area

You will engage in one-to-one dialogue with your tutor in the Tutorial area. It is here that you will upload your work directly for tutor feedback; for an activity, general feedback or advice.

Here you can voice any concerns or queries regarding the module and your work, for your tutor to address. You can post as many messages as you need to and your tutor will endeavor to respond fully and promptly within 24 hours, Monday to Friday.

IDI-Study has been designed and custom-built specifically for the delivery of visual subjects. With IDI you will be able to:

  • log in at any time, on any device
  • access your learning materials
  • benefit from unlimited one-to-one tuition, feedback and support
  • communicate with fellow students within secure online Forums
  • participate in self and peer-based evaluation of your creative work in the Studio
  • receive feedback and module grades
  • receive announcements and reminders from tutors and support staff

There are no real-time lectures or tutorials, instead you’ll work through a variety of carefully planned practical and theory-based projects and activities in your own time.

You’ll be prompted to upload examples of your work in progress for your tutor to view and comment on and be notified with an email alert when your tutor has responded to your work.

Our tutors endeavour to respond to any messages within 24hrs, Monday – Friday.

There are no formal exams – all assessments are coursework-based. In each semester you will work towards completing set briefs. These will outline what you need to submit for assessment by a given deadline.

You will also be required to complete a self-evaluation with each submission. This gives you the chance to consider what each module has taught you and what you can take forward to future modules.

For all practical assessment work you upload you will have to include evidence of research, development and compliance with the module’s learning outcomes.

You will also have access to StudyNet, the University of Hertfordshire’s intranet. Here you’ll have access to a variety of additional digital resources specific to your course. You will also receive your assessment results on StudyNet.

In addition to ongoing interaction with your tutors, the IDI Student Support team are here to help you every step of the way.

If you encounter any technical difficulties, the IDI Technical Support team will be happy to advise you.

You can message both teams directly from within IDI-Study, or call them directly by telephone during office hours.

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