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Alicia Bruce

  • Photography

I became interested in photography in my late teens having already studied Social Sciences and had taken time out of education. A friend introduced me to black and white photography and taught me how to print in the darkroom, then I was hooked.

My photography sits between documentary and staged imagery. I am interested in local and global communities. I aspire to tell humane stories of people and place often looking through the history of art for visual referencing. Within these communities I document, I am interested in environmental issues, politics of space, territories and heritage. My commissioned work often involves charitable or political organisations.

My greatest achievement

Making collaborative portraits of a community who stood up to Donald Trump which then entered two major art collections, The National Galleries of Scotland and St Andrews University Photographic Collection. Also exhibiting and publishing that work internationally as well as in The Scottish Parliament leading to the photographs being celebrated in a parliamentary motion.

That the Parliament congratulates the award-winning Aberdeenshire photographer, Alicia Bruce, on her ongoing photography project about Menie, an area of outstanding natural beauty on the Aberdeenshire coast; understands that her photographs from this series have gained international acclaim and have been published in The Times, The Scotsman and several arts magazines, and that two of the portraits have been acquired by the National Galleries of Scotland, and welcomes that Alicia’s photographs, many of which restage compositions from celebrated paintings, have helped to tell the story of the residents of Menie, whose homes came under threat due to what it considers the bullish golf course development of Donald Trump, and to portray a side of that story that otherwise might have gone unheard.
Motion S4M-05749: Patrick Harvie, Glasgow, Scottish Green Party,
Date Lodged: 27/02/2013

My inspiration

Meeting and getting to know people from all walks of life through my photography and teaching, and my daughter.

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