Caroline Bloor

  • Photography Courses

I started work in the photographic industry many years ago and loved it so much that I went back into education to learn more about my subject. I am now passionate about encouraging others to pursue their dreams and find work that they will love.

It’s always a pleasure seeing students grow in confidence and reach their potential, so hearing about their successes is a big bonus. For example, one student told me he had been approached by the BBC to be their photo correspondent in Africa and another was asked to produce a coffee table book on Turks and Caicos.

On a personal note though, being treated like a VIP and chauffeur-driven round Ireland, while conducting training seminars for a well-known photographic company, was pretty good. As was winning prizes like an amazing photographic experience on the Swiss Alps as a quality award (although I confess to having my eyes closed in the cable car part).

About my work

Dear Mum (all images)

I started this series following the untimely death of a friend of my daughter. Images explore this sense of despair and loss of innocence in young people and feature rope swings and the disturbing blue rope left abandoned in local woodland areas.

My greatest achievement

Gaining a First for my degree, while managing a business, running a home, coordinating child out of school activities and caring for animals. At the end of my study I could claim to have excellent time-management skills!

My Inspiration

Colour, close ups and warm weather; light dancing through trees. The photography of Terri Weifenbach and Janek Sedlar.