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Caroline Walsh

  • Interior Design Courses

I grew up interested in buildings. I don’t remember what it was but it is always something I wanted be involved with in my career. I remember dragging my Dad around a show home just to see how it was done, going to museums and spending more time looking at the ceiling frescos than the exhibits, and drawing and making things whenever I had the chance.

Since then I have achieved a BA (Hons) in Interior Architecture and Design, a Diploma in Industrial Design and a Cert ED in Teaching and Training in the Lifelong learning sector all from Nottingham Trent.

During my time within the industry I have worked for a variety of companies, companies including Boots, Dulux, Amtico and Marsh Grochowski Architects, both on a full-time and freelance basis. I have worked with some really ambitious architects and designers and some innovative sustainable projects which were a big challenge but great fun to work on.

My greatest achievement

Becoming a freelance designer! Everyone has always said it is what I should do, and finally plucking up the courage to do it was a massive step for me but has been incredibly rewarding so far. This has meant I can undertake design work from home and combine this with my tutoring and working with great companies like IDI.

My inspiration

I find the human condition such an interesting area of research. Just identifying how someone interacts to design and how art and design can make life better. The other thing I love to work with is creative brands in a commercial environment, these are always challenging but great fun to work with.

I am really interested in the use of abandoned buildings. I find these examples of urban decay visually interesting, but think particularly these are under utilised at the moment. I want to consider how these can be reused if only in a temporary way to enhance city life and involve the community in the positive development of their neighbourhood. I am also interested in the links between Interior Architecture and Graphics and the design of small spaces which is becoming ever more important in our big cities. The design challenges of today can help to produce some out of the box design and I am enjoying working with the next generation of designers at IDI.