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Denitsa Petrova

  • Critical and Cultural Studies

My background is in art and digital media and their history and context. I am also a practicing artist and designer. Having completed a PhD in art and digital media, I have experience in higher education as I have taught both practical and theoretical courses in fine art, digital art, graphic design, web design and digital media.

As a practitioner I work and exhibit projects involving digital media, photography and art installations. I have exhibited at a number of shows in the UK, Bulgaria, Portugal, Denmark and the USA, including the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London (2002) and I have presented a numerous international conferences including the ISEA Biennale in Istanbul (2011).

My greatest achievement

The successful completion of my PhD studies at the University of Edinburgh.

My inspiration

My inspiration as a creative person comes from a variety of subjects – from public space to developments in digital media and internet. As a tutor, I am inspired by my students and their eagerness to learn and develop, by their energy and enthusiasm to explore new territories and create unique projects.

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