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Kimberley Roworth

  • Interior Design Courses

I am a freelance educator and designer with a BA (Hons) in Interior design from Leeds University, working across multi-disciplines of design and specialising in exhibition design and commercial branding. I have over 10 years of design industry experience and have worked with many well-known brands including Marks and Spencer, Lloyds TSB and Butlin’s venues across the UK.

I currently teach at Newcastle College across their 3D and Interior Design courses and previously lectured at the National Design Academy and Staffordshire University where I tutored on design and visual communication courses. Alongside these courses I taught day intensives in computer aided design. While completing my PGCHPE (Level 7) I specialised in eLearning technologies which has further enhanced my tutoring skills.

I decided to work in this particular field as I have always been a great believer that education should not be a “one size fits all” system. I am very proud to teach students who might not take the conversional route. Teaching design and being a designer makes a great relationship, as I can draw upon my industry experience while teaching, yet teaching also ensures my design knowledge and practice, stays fresh and in touch with the ever changing design world.

About my work

The Old Storehouse (image 1)

Design lead in the transformation of the exterior, bar and restaurant, entertainments space, public toilets and commercial kitchen at The Old Storehouse in Amble. Bespoke details including the lighting, bar joinery, toughened exterior hand rails, furniture and carpets.

Ecco Pizza (image 2)

Interior design and branding of a new restaurant based in Leeds.

Superdry (images 3 & 4)

Bespoke product design of exterior seating, signage and lighting to be used for a snow event.

Workmates (images 5 & 6)

Interior design and rebrand of a chain of recruitment agency offices.

My greatest achievement

Professionally, although I have worked on some strong commercial projects as a designer, I would suggest that one of my most fulfilling achievements was to write an access to interior design course aimed at helping adults with no prior qualification’s to gain access onto degree courses and to see the students on the course flourish and go on to succeed. On a personal note raising my two daughters, while renovating our home, which was once a Victorian dentist’s surgery.

My inspiration

Throughout my life I always feel most inspired when I am in a surprised state of mind and I am forced to reconsider a preconception. When I have to consider the time old saying ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’. An example of this might be when we find out that a very old man listens to the latest chart music on his iPod or when a torn down old building holds a beautifully exquisite tiled mural in its basement. I also enjoy the use of scale, looking at microscopic detail in nature. In terms of teaching I have always agreed with the Bauhaus ways of teaching design.