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Paul Taylor

  • Fine Art Courses
  • Photography Courses

I have always drawn and painted, so went to art school to pursue these creative activities, where I discovered photography.

After graduation, I taught in various institutions, including Leeds College of Art, Bradford Regional College of Art and Goldsmiths College, plus in my own work, developing concepts and ideas that originated from this background in drawing, painting, photography and combinations of all three.

My work explored and continues to reflect the idea of the found object, the uncanny and the mysterious, using combinations of media, juxtaposition and installation

My greatest achievements

My small contribution to Art and Design education over many years

My inspiration

Rather than “inspiration” I prefer to think of the many aspects that “motivate” my life, work, thought processes, creative ideas and curiosity, for instance: light, colour, form, nature, structure, surface, objects, sound, movement and intuition.

I also like to reflect on the Surrealist artist and writer Paul Éluard’s significant term:

The poet is he who inspires others, rather than he who is inspired.
Paul Éluard