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Robert Potts

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The field I have worked in has constantly changed, I have a diverse background that crosses work in the creative industries, education and research. This is unified by a fascination in the design process, creativity and collaboration.

My professional practice constantly evolves in response to changes in the role of design and designers. Beginning with a foundation in creative practice, I have been fortunate enough to work across disciplines and in a range of contexts. The skillset I use is constantly expanding, beginning with fine arts practice, applying tools and techniques from visual communication to different contexts.

I have a strong basis in creative design and studio practice. I apply interaction and service design techniques, experimenting with new forms of media production.

More recently, my work focuses around consultancy and research in design innovation. I find educating design experts fascinating, this means taking a post-disciplinary approach to design thinking in research and practice. Working as designer, consultant and educator, more recently focusing on applying research to practice to explore design innovation in the context of the digital economy.

About my work

Dark Matters (all images)

AHRC Research Grant Science in Culture Innovation Award Research (2015)

Interrogating thresholds of imperceptibility. Interdisciplinary collaboration, research dissemination using narrative innovation. Creative direction on the development and production of an ethnographic documentary.

I have worked with experts across multiple fields applying design intelligence to innovate. I have produced a body of design projects and research contributions that is constantly growing, I engage in design consultancy and founded a production unit to produce content for creative industry and research. Recent work has been in collaborative cultures in the creative industry, citizen driven innovation, designing services and technologies that will have real impacts on the future. I embed in businesses and projects and use design thinking to support innovation and learning.

I have constantly developed new techniques and processes through design practice, education and research. With a constant focus on design innovation, I have manged design projects and developed research contributions. I have worked in innovation in the creative industry, research, education and digital economy sectors. Recently, my research has focused on the role of creative leadership in change organisations, exploring the future of design innovation for the digital economy.

My greatest achievement

Mastering change and cultivating flexibility in professional practice regardless of discipline to capture the value from design activity. Despite radical changes in the role of design, collaborative creativity has remained important throughout my career. More simply, I consider my greatest achievement the creative partnerships with other professionals to produce diverse responses to design challenges. I am also very proud of helping learners achieve their own professional practice through undergraduate and postgraduate teaching.

These both mean adapting to different disciplinary situations fluidly through effective collaboration. I have practiced in a range of fields in design, education and research. I constantly move between professional, education and research to build skills, teach and develop research contributions. Most recently, research for a doctorate in design innovation has allowed me to contribute to the practice and understanding of design innovation on an international level. I have been fortunate enough to work with many incredible creative teams who are making important changes to the way we live, learn and work.

My inspiration

That design is always changing, this means developing capacity to innovate in practice and research. I am fascinated by the relevance of design at interfaces and boundaries between different fields. I am inspired by change, by the amazing abilities of people to learn and adapt to incredible challenges, using creativity to shape a better world.