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Tim Bones

  • Graphic Design Courses
  • Illustration Courses
  • Master's Courses

Originally, I trained as an illustrator, then, shortly after leaving college I trained to teach. I didn’t teach straight away, instead I decided to gain further industry experience and worked as a graphic designer. Following working both in full-time employment and as a freelance designer for a few years I then returned to education.

As a design educator I have an interest in online learning and view it as an incredibly practical means for learning in terms of its easy, round-the-clock access. The process of online learning fascinates me and its global nature adds extra interest to it. As well as tutoring for IDI, I am Programme Leader of both the HND and BA (Hons) Graphic Design programmes at the University of Kent at West Kent College.

My greatest highlights continue to be the growing numbers of students whom I see go on to achieve great things. Knowing that I have contributed to their journey is truly rewarding.

About my work

As someone with both an Illustration and Graphic Design background, it may come as no surprise that my own work focuses heavily on the Graphic Arts. In recent years I have made the focus of my work more artistic than commercial and I continue to make graphic art works that include drawing, collage, lettering, painting and mixed media.

My greatest achievement

Educationally, I would say that I am most proud of the courses that I have written. Forming the essence of a course and determining its content is a fascinating process and then teaching on these courses, and seeing them come to life along with seeing the work produced by the students, is great.

My inspiration

I am inspired by so much. I am a naturally inquisitive person and approach the world with an ever-increasing sense of wonder and curiosity. I have numerous interests including the natural world, history, and of course, art and design, and making connections between the many disparate things that I observe fascinates me. These things frequently inspire my own graphic art practice.

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